What they say:

Rossi's approach provides the ground for student and teacher to work and play together, and serves as a springboard to understanding and experiencing the student's emotional and social world. In this context, creativity represents communication as symbolic language, giving form to feelings and thoughts.

What's really important is that the purpose here is not just to develop a skill, but also to develop relationship and companionship. This makes it ideal for educational, artistic, and therapeutic purposes.

Marika Cutler Moore, MSW, Co-Author, Developmental Play Therapy in Clinical Social Work


the arts mentoring toolkit™

If you want to implement Bill Rossi's Arts Mentoring Approach, this toolkit will give you what you need. It includes:

Bill Rossi's
Strengths-Based Mentoring Method
(see Venturing Together look inside)
student-evaluation-&-tracking-system for student assessment and program management

Affordable assessment / evaluation software that supports the Rossi Mentoring Method
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Choose number of copies of Venturing Together: Empowering Students to Succeed and Licenses of SETS: Student Evaluation & Tracking System.
Add Bill Rossi Consultation to help you implement his approach.

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