strengths-Based Education - fresh air for after school!

Strength-Based approaches can work wonders for empowering students to succeed. For some specific clues as to why, check out this comparison between Strengths-Based and Standards-Based education:

Strengths-Based Mentoring Typically:

Standards-Based Education Typically:

Encourages uniqueness

Encourages conformity

Identifies the dominant tendencies and patterns of what the student does best

Measures global attitudes through testing all students the same way

Looks at students as individuals within a group

Looks at students as participating one way within the group

Evaluates progress by portfolio methods ( collections of produced work)

Evaluates progress by scoring amount and quality of memorized information

Focuses on developing innate abilities and talents

Focuses on developing an adherence to predetermined ways of learning

Recognizes, celebrates, and caters to many different learning styles

Recognizes, rewards, and caters to one dominant learning style

Focuses attention on inner impulses

Focuses attention on outer benchmarks

Values personal fulfillment

Values satisfying a bureaucracy

Integrates multi dimensions of a person that include emotion and perception

Isolates and addresses a singular intellectual, academic dimension