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The performance events are brilliant - I haven’t stopped talking to people about them.

I am particularly impressed by the fact that people stop wearing the label “challenged” and see themselves as “Poet, or “Singer / songwriter” or “Painter”.

Wonderful evening - so very healthy.

– Caroline Smith, Deputy Administrator for Mental Health, Chester County Department of Mental Health / Intellectual Disabilities, West Chester, PA



Your dedication and commitment to mentoring children and young adults through the artistic process has had a tremendous impact on the service systems here in Chester County.

The performance events are more than we ever expected and have promoted recovery in ways that we had not even imagined.

– Donna Carlson, Deputy Human Services, Chester County Department of Human Services, West Chester, PA




This consultation was great! Everything about it was excellent including the content and the way it was delivered. The trainers were highly knowledgeable and stimulating – I’ll definitely recommend this to others.


This workshop was exciting and fun. The content, organization and training methods were excellent, as was the value this had to our agency.

My expectations were exceeded -- it just wasn't long enough! I'm looking forward to the next session.




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Please note that as of 2016, Bill Rossi no longer offers consultation.

Bill Rossi Nonprofit Consultation

If you work with challenged students, you know they don't respond well to traditional education. Working with Bill Rossi you'll learn new and effective approaches that provide balanced empowerment. Learn how how to:

      • Use the arts' capacity as a universal language and therapeutic intervention to address the issues of trauma, abuse and neglect, empowering students to transcend destructive tendencies and positively channel emotions
      • Focus on latent potential in students to encourage expression and create a progressive dynamic for individual growth
      • Create goals and evaluation measurements
      • Use the artistic platform to build relationships
      • Empower students to transfer artistic success to other areas in life for personal growth and community contribution

Delivered on site or via internet and telephone, consultation is completely tailored to your needs.xx

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